ADD Angus Farms

A.D.D. Angus Farm

OUR GOAL : to provide breeding stock with a little more frame and no glaring holes. We try to provide convenience traits like calving ease, disposition, fertility, and good feet. Then we try to add as much performance and carcass traits into the package as possible. We think that cattle should be pleasing to the eye. We develop our bulls in a way that they will be ready to go out and service females successfully.

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Doug & Marcia Rueber

Doug: 563-920-1428
Marcia: 563-608-2632

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Directions to the bull lots - Located at 5303 50th Street - 11 miles east of Oelwein on Hwy. 3 to F Ave., one mile north and 3/4 mile east on 50th Street to ADD Angus mailbox, OR 2 miles west of Starmont Schools (intersection of 3 & 187) on Hwy 3 to E Ave., one mile north and 1/4 mile west on 50th Street.


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